Vintage airlines


Brand Identity

Vintage Airlines is an international carrier using innovative marketing strategies to give their consumers the power to build a custom and immersive travel experience catered to unique individual's interests.

side view of livery

project brief

Create an identity for a commercial airline.


Today's airlines face a challenge as they struggle to find ways to build brand loyalty and profitable customers from within a new generation of emerging young professionals who have been raised on no-frills, pay-as-you go airline services, with little loyalty to anything more than the lowest fare.


Meet millennial fliers on their own turf with a message and a concept that appeals directly to their idea of a level of service that is worthy of their loyalty and a slightly higher fare.


By catering to this new generation's always-connected lifestyle while simultaneously harkening back to the golden era of air travel, Vintage Airlines will redefine the notion of what is a pleasant and service-oriented flight for a new and active generation of fliers.

back livery for international fleet

Millennial travel statistics

  • 78% choose to spend more money on valuable experiences rather than material items.
  • Value was defined by authenticity, uniqueness, available opportunities to learn or help a community, and level of connectivity.
  • 44% consider the local culture when deciding where to travel, seeking exotic places off the grid.
  • 97% will post about their trip on social networks and share their experiences while traveling.
  • 52% consult fellow consumers when researching travel locations.
  • 66% book trips via smartphone.
  • 89% of travelers were inspired to plan activities after looking at other travel content online.
  • 60% of leisure travelers are excited about the sharing economy [like AirBnB] because they seek value paired with adventure.

logo, colors & typography

A retro aesthetic was achieved by the combination of a limited, desaturated color pallet, eclectic type pairing and mixture of patterns.



Whether you are traveling across the globe or around the corner, we guarantee the comfort of your flight. Now with oversized chairs, ample leg room, and two armrests per person, gone are the days of the dreaded middle seat.



The hash-tags used are aimed to engage consumers with the airline via social media and encourage them to post about their travel experience online, increasing the brands' awareness.


a healthier approach

Armed with the knowledge that this is a food-conscious group, all of our snacks are free of GMO's, preservatives or artificial flavors. Located directly across from our terminals, the Vintage Cafe provides holistic meal options to bring on-board.


a new kind of match

Vintage Airlines is making moves to bring consumers a fully connected traveling experience tailored to individual interests. 

A responsive website was developed that allow users to create a social-media style profile that serves to not only connect you with like-minded people around the world, but as a platform to store vacation photos, recommendations, or any other travel related information together in one location. 


custom experiences

The icon set serves as a customized navigation tool to direct you towards activities in your area of travel relevant to your interests. You will automatically match with locals in that region who share your same hobbies where you can then view their profile, start a chat, find recommendations, or connect in person.


we'll get you there

Our service doesn't just stop when you de-board the plane. We are taking you wherever you need to be next with shuttle vans leaving on every hour, taking our customers up to thirty miles to their next location. Whether it's a drink or a bed, we'll get you there, and our charging ports and free wifi will make sure your phone does, too.