Condom Rebrand

Rubberit is a condom delivery service that operates on a buy-one-give-one platform, distributing contraception to underprivileged communities in South America.


project breif

Brand a community driven startup company. 


Society has long stigmatized premarital sex and left many people today with feelings of shame and guilt when it comes time to talk about protection. Research shows that consumers are hesitant to buy contraception online unless it is from a brand they trust, which could be a major downfall for a new company trying to establish a place in the market.


We are wired as human beings to respond to humor, and countless psychological studies have suggested that it is actually a social bonding mechanism. Using humorous and clever content encourages people to let down their walls and listen to your message. In regards to sales, an advertisement evoking laughter is shown to greatly increase content sharing among consumers.


The promotion of sexual health and awareness is our foremost goal. By establishing a humorous tone in regards to purchasing contraception we aim to remove the negative connotations placed on casual sex and encourage more conversations about staying protected during dangerous age of progressive sexually transmitted disease.


previous trademark

The heart and plus sign on the original logo felt in line with a business that would provide some kind of medical care.


updated trademark

The new logo features two condoms that come together to form a heart and align the product with our brand values.