Exhibition Log


project BRIEF:

Feature an artist and create an exhibition catalog of their work.


Exhibition catalogs featuring one theme appeal to a narrow audience and carry less potential for the promotion of sales. 


Feature subject matter that can garner the attention of a broad audience, and display it in a way that research shows continues to generate sales—coffee table books.


Use the 2016 Presidential Elections as the subject, and create an exhibition catalog that features multiple artists who present art as a "weapon" to combat bigotry, ignorance, propaganda and war.



John Oliver is an English comedian and political commentator, and his late night talk show on HBO, called Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, has earned him five Prime Time Emmy Awards with his satirical look at news, politics, and current events, and led to his inclusion in Time Magazine's "100 Most Influential People" in 2015. 


With such a large following and positive response from viewers, I opted to transcribe an episode of his show to serve as the body copy for this book. The contrasting typefaces on opposing pages serve as a voice for the banter between the two main subjects—John Oliver and Donald Trump. Circular die-cuts create a frame on each page for the featured artwork on the following page of the book.


scroll to view this episode of Last Week Tonight