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Questionable vocabulary.
Calculated solutions.


An innate desire to create has possessed me since I could hold a pencil, but it was the realization that money could be made doing that which fueled my passions that drove me to design.  The answer came one day during high school in the form of a wry remark from my dad.

"You know, kid, you really just ought to forget college and become a professional sign painter... All you do is doodle anyways."

I imagine that panic set in immediately after this comment as my dad imagined a life where his children never left the house. Fortunately for the both of us, I was set on a degree that paired business with creativity, and I stand here today with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from Texas State University.

Known to forge my own path, often with repercussions and a multitude of lessons learned the hard way, I have developed an approach to design that one could only define as transparent, as life's controversy is easier met with the ability to insert timely humor.

For me, failure is less about what was not achieved, but the lessons learned along the way, and that makes all the difference. So, it is with a humble mind, colorful vocabulary, and a yearning to learn from those before me that I ask you to please give me a chance and hire me, damn it.


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